Since 1817, John Cockerill develops large-scale technological solutions to meet the needs of its time. Its contribution to businesses, governments and communities consists of services and associated equipment for the sectors of energy, defense, industry, the environment, transport and infrastructures.

John Cockerill Energy is an OEM recognized as a world leader in the steam generation market but also a key player in the field of renewable energies. It covers various business line as:

• Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG);
• Industrial Boilers;
• Receivers for tower solar thermal power plants;
• Energy storage;
• Production, storage and distribution of renewable hydrogen

John Cockerill Energy Solutions is official supplier of Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) and related equipment. Its responsibility in this regard includes engineering, design, supply and commissioning and also provides maintenance, upgrade, optimization services and solutions for existing plants. Nearly 700 John Cockerill Energy boilers are installed worldwide behind gas turbines of all brands and power ratings. John Cockerill Renewables provides the market with the latest innovative technologies as High Performances Electrolysers to produce Hydrogen, Molten Salt Solar Receiver and associated equipment, Integrated Renewable Solutions including Batteries storage. Also, let specify John Cockerill has established two branches in the Middle East, dedicated to promoting and intensify close cooperation with public and private companies.

With this wide variety of State-of-the-art technologies, John Cockerill is a solid partner on which you can count on to propose turnkey solution projects.