Entry Guidelines

We designed the awards for project teams who deserve recognition for the high standard of work, adherence to budget and client satisfaction in a healthy and safe working environment. The categories celebrate the best MENA project delivery, and the entries should reflect that.

The judging will consist of a detailed analysis of the project based on the submission and against our criteria below.

  • Social impact
  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Sustainability
    • Environmental protection
    • Climate change
  • Innovation
    • Digital Technology
    • Project innovation
  • Mandatory pictures are required.  Please ensure to include pictures from beginning, intermediary and completed project pictures.
  • It is crucial to make your entry stand out with a well-defined and compelling ‘WOW’ factor along with the above details.
  • Additional supporting material is necessary to validate your entry.
  • Entry must explicitly address the award category, not generic links such as websites and corporate marketing.
  • Submissions should highlight the project’s key differentiator and competitive nature or implementation.
  • In submitting for more than one category, the submissions must be unique.

Important Information

  • The entrant, judges and the publication will treat all information in strict confidence, and any quotes or information to go into the public domain will be pre-cleared by the entrant.
  • We will not accept any entries submitted after the publicised cut-off date, irrespective of their relative merits.
  • The Editor and Judges reserve the right to make no award for any specific category.
  • The Editor and Judges reserve the right to move a submission to a more appropriate category at their discretion.
  • The Editor and Judges’ decision is final.

*Entries once started must be completed or all un-saved data will be lost.

*Entries Deadline: 04 August 2022

For support on the entry process, selecting categories or the entry criteria, please contact Marissa Bautista +971 (04) 818 0352